Tips for Preserving Wedding-Day Memories

Tips for Preserving
Wedding-Day Memories

Tips for Preserving Wedding-Day Memories

The day you said ‘I do’ is a once in a lifetime event. You’ve spent almost a year planning your wedding… and just like that, it can be over in the blink of an eye. That is why every detail — from getting ready to the reception and other wedding traditions — should be preserved. While the big day can’t last forever, your wedding photos will be there for you over the years to share with family and reminisce.  


You’ve got your digital CD (or USB) from Elite Photography, you’ve finally put all your fave picks up on Facebook and IG and now, well, now what? What’s a newlywed to do with all those wedding photos?


For that reason, we’ve compiled creative tips for preserving wedding-day memories in the coolest ways possible:


1. Canvas Print:

Turning your wedding photos into a canvas print, as decor for your home, is a great way to commemorate the special day in a unique way. Not only is a canvas print eye-catching, but it also makes your special moments truly feel like a work of art.  

2. Personalized Magnets:

Add your favorite wedding memories to different areas of your house with personalized magnets! Hang notes on your fridge with first-look photos and more. You’ll love using them to dress up different areas of your house.  

3. Photo Calendar:

Get creative by customizing your own calendar with your wedding photos. Reflect on your 12 favorite wedding moments year-round, each month you will be pleasantly surprised by different photos from your big day! A modern calendar could look perfect in your home office or as kitchen decor, or even on your desk at work.    

4. Phone Case:

You can even add a collage of your wedding photos onto your phone case! Whether you decide on just one portrait or a collage of photos, your phone will be a refreshing reminder of your big day!    

5. Quirky Photo Strips:

Bring all the fun of photo strips to your living room with a giant photo strip wall hanging. Pick the four most spontaneous moments of your wedding day for a fun, authentic touch.    

6. Photo Quilt:

Snuggle up with a blanket that is filled with your wedding day photos! A photo quilt will definitely let you display your favorite memories in a unique way.   

7. Photo Wedding Box/Memory Box:

Store your wedding mementos in a stunning, satin-finished photo Keepsake Box. Photo boxes are decorative storage containers used for organizing pictures, perfect for keeping all your wedding keepsakes in, memories to treasure forever.  

8. Album:

A custom designed and professionally printed wedding album is a great way to showcase your wedding photos. As a photographer, I know how important it is to have a tangible object in your hand to bring back memories of your wedding day. It really makes your photos come alive! As much as people share and view photos on the computer screen these days, the experience of turning the pages while looking at your photos is magical. And coffee table books, how we love them so! Use your album as a coffee table book full of pretty wedding memories to add an ultra-personal touch to your living room. 


A wedding album is similar to a wedding dress, it should be looked at and enjoyed time and time again. Here are our tips for putting together your perfect album. 


Pick Your Most Favorite – Your album should document your emotions of your wedding day so pick the photos you can’t live without. The best albums are collections of favorite pictures, not the pictures you feel need to go in.

Let The Photos Tell Your Story – Let the photograph stand on its own, only placing one or two pictures per spread. Have vertical images on one page with a few horizontal images across both pages. 

Design Chronologically – For example, ceremony photos should go before reception shots. But this is not a hard and fast rule. If your favorite shot is your first dance when go with it. 

Design One Spread At A Time – There is a certain rhythm to an album and natural flow to the images. An album is a combination of spreads, these pages should be designed to work together as a whole and not separate pages.

Think Color – The great thing is…there are no rules! If your wedding was colorful your album will tent to follow suit. If it was leaned towards the muted side black and white images are always classic. Mix and matching is always added a bit of excitement too. 

Feature Key Moments – Moments like when the bride walking down the aisle or the first kiss as man and wife. Be sure to include these shots in your favorites selection. 

Your wedding photos are meant to be enjoyed, so display proudly! 

My clients receive the digital images from their sessions or wedding day in every package. Meaning that, upon delivery, they have a large selection of images at their disposal instead of having to pick and choose which ones that they would like to print and order directly through me.  


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